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Manreet Deol Luxury Product and Jewellery Designer, Panjim. India Previous Next Location: Check-In Manifest Designs OngoingA Bespoke Collection of JewelleryEach piece of Manifest Jewelry is a little piece of wearable sculpture that blurs the line between Art, Craft and Fashion. Defying trends we like to see our work as modern Heirlooms, always relevant.Manifest pieces present …

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Manreet Deol Interaction Designer, Google | Photographer, Ponda, Goa Previous Next Previous Next Location: Check-In Mangroves OngoingA Sculptural Piece made of hand-forged mild steelThe sculptural roots create a dramatic modernist sculpture of mangroves, each piece is individually handcrafted by expert metalsmiths and is our ode to the intrinsic connection between Indian crafts and nature. Mangroves …

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