Life under the sea

Paddy Fields at Sunset 7

Shilpa Nasnolkar

Artist, Goa, India

Shilpa Nasnolka
Location: Departure Behind Elevator Wall

Paddy Fields at Sunset 7

Art pieces of tiles and Dolphin bones

Goa’s captivating beauty comes alive in this exquisite art series titled ” Landscapes of Goa”. Tranquil beaches, sunset paddy fields, and enchanting vistas are skillfully depicted by Shilpa Nasnolkar, evoking tranquility and immersing viewers in the serene ambiance of this coastal paradise

This artwork  skillfully portrays the enchanting transformation of Goa’s emerald green paddy fields at sunset, capturing the mesmerizing play of light and shadow, and evoking the tranquility and serenity of these rural landscapes

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About the Artist

Shilpa Nasnolkar believes in recording of a significant world filled with insignificant faces. What makes it meaningful is the strange acceptance of living by these faceless people who defy logic.

She is keenly interested in the process of changes in the features as life proceeds and experiments with pigment and the various ways it can impact the human mind; how the expressions of colors and expressions of emotions combined can trigger human sensibilities.

Her work offers an insight to a stark reality which is often overlooked, or ignored. I strive in my work to bring out discarded individuality

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