Life under the sea

Jump In

Darpan Kaur

Abstract artist, Goa, India

Location: Departure Behind Elevator Wall

Jump In

Art pieces of tiles and Dolphin bones

An artist cannot help being influenced by the world around her. The attempt here is to capture the ‘feeling’ of Goa through colour and marks. In the outer world it is about the place and in the inner world it is about the feelings within. the feeling of ‘waiting for something to happen’, the joy of seeing a shooting star, of the many moods of the self.

This is the feeling of encountering water in Goa. Other than the sea, there are rivers, lakes and waterfalls and during the monsoon the quarries fill up with water. It’s almost an invitation to jump in. 

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About the Artist

Darpan Kaur is a Contemporary Abstract Artist living in Goa, India. She left her corporate career to explore Alternate Healing which led her to explorations in Art. After a decade of doing both at varying degrees, she has reached a happy equilibrium where both are included and each feeds the other. She is an intuitive Artist and her fundamentals come from Nicholas Wilton’s Art2life course. She works with Oils and Acrylics and some mixed media.

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