Shilpa Nasnolkar

Artist, Goa, India

Shilpa Nasnolka

Nature's Treasures

Through this artwork, Shilpa Nasnolkar depicts the serene beauty of Goa’s coconut groves, meandering rivers, and lush mangroves, showcasing its pristine ecosystems’ abundant biodiversity and tranquillity.

Paddy Fields at Sunset

This artwork skillfully portrays the enchanting transformation of Goa’s emerald green paddy fields at sunset, capturing the mesmerizing play of light and shadow and evoking the tranquility and serenity of these rural landscapes.

Tranquil Seascape

The azure expanse of the Arabian Sea forms the backdrop for some of the most awe-inspiring moments in Goa. This artwork encapsulates the essence of these seascapes, portraying the shimmering waters meeting the horizon in a harmonious dance of colours.